WOODBURY — Barbara A. Poteat-Gill, 40, of Sicklerville, who’s accused to stealing a prosecutor’s purse when she was being sentenced for another theft, won’t be getting a  reduction in her bail.

On Friday, Jan. 16, her lawyer pleaded that Poteat-Gill has two children and “strong ties” to the community and has never failed to appear for court, authorities said. The request was to cut her 10 percent of $10,000 bail in half.

Assistant Prosecutor Dana Anton said the defendant had just received probation on Dec. 19 for theft — then stole a purse belonging to another prosecutor in the Gloucester County Justice Complex and used a credit card from the purse at a coffee shop.

The current bail is “incredibly low,” said Anton, who added higher bail may be sought.

The earlier charge, for which Poteat-Gill received probation, involved her selling another person’s truck by forging the owner’s name on a motor vehicle title on March 29, 2013.