SWEDESBORO — The Gloucester County Division of Consumer
Affairs/Weights and Measures is coordinating inspections of more than 80 fuel delivery
trucks in Gloucester County to ensure that consumers get a true gallon of fuel
for the price they are paying.

Freeholder Lyman Barnes, liaison to Consumer Protection/Weights and Measures, said
that, during the next few weeks all fuel oil delivery trucks will be inspected and
certified upon completion of the tests.


“Home heating oil is an expensive commodity and these inspections ensure our
residents are getting what they are paying for,” said Barnes.

The inspection system protects both consumers and fuel dealers. The inspections can
reveal if a supplier is pumping more fuel than they are getting paid for and
consumers will know they are not getting less than what they are paying for.

“Trucks that successfully pass the rigorous inspection will receive a
yellow certificate from the county Weights and Measures Office that they must carry
in their trucks until the next round of inspections.  If a consumer does not see the
yellow certificate, they should ask to see it,” Barnes said.

Consumers should be aware of when home heating oil deliveries are being made and if
possible, be home for the delivery.

Some tips that consumers can use to ensure that they are receiving what they are paying for include:

  *   Request a specific date for your delivery and be home at the time of delivery.
 This will allow you to be present if any problems or questions come up.

  *   Request that the delivery include the “price per gallon” on the delivery
ticket. When you received your bill, compare the ticket price against any future
bill price you may receive.

  *   Request a delivery ticket. This will be issued upon completion of a delivery
and should include the gallons automatically printed by the metering device.  This
ticket should not be hand written.

The county Weights and Measures office should have all trucks inspected by the end
of November.  

Residents with questions are welcome to call the Gloucester County Office of Consumer Affairs/Weights and Measures at 856-384-6855.