Well, I must be getting old. For my whole life, my body temperature has been high. Always.

I sweat like crazy in the summer and usually perspired just as much in winter. This has made it hard for me to dress appropriately for the cold weather. Dressing in warm clothing made me overheated and I’d start to perspire and, suddenly, I was soaking wet and out in frigid temperatures. Not an ideal situation.

For years in my work environment, I was the hot one. When people complained the office was too cold, I was merely comfortable.

But now — now, I am feeling the cold. I feel it not only outside, but I am often cold in my house. In the days of yore, I could wear shorts and flip-flops all winter long in my house and be comfortable.

But now — well, I bought a pair of warm slippers for the first time in years. My fingers get cold some times.

It would be easy to say this has occurred because of my recent weight loss — 52 pounds so far — but, to tell the truth, I’ve been noticing this trend toward being cold for the past couple of years. It’s strange, I have to say.

I used to get through a winter wearing a relatively thin, jacket. Last year, for the first time I could remember, I had to button a warm liner into the field jacket I often wear. I felt like the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Michelin Man, but I was warm.

And last winter, it was so bitter cold, I bought this monstrosity of a faux fur hat —it looks like a bad wig or like some non-specific creature has come to rest on my head. But, it’s warm. I even pulled the ear flaps down a couple of times last winter.

I truly hate winter — the ice, the snow, the early darkness makes it seem like it’s dark all the time — but now I have a brand new reason to hate it. I do not like feeling this cold.

I think I’d rather be sweating.