Whew! That sure knocked me for a loop.

I came home from major surgery on Friday.  I had to have a section of my colon removed but, when the surgeon arrived on the scene, he discovered another small section of my small intestine also had to be removed.  Surgery that was supposed total an hour and a half, two hours, took almost five hours to complete.

Of course. the surgeon shared me with my urologist, who was beginning an exhaustive investigation of a growth they had found my bladder.  In the end, they found bladder cancer. Luckily, is appears to not have spread to my colon or to my bones.  

So, we have to determine the cause of action to take next and I have great doctors working on that with me.  I was very lucky at every step.

My primary care physician recommended surgeon John Erbicella, who is just incredible, especially in the way he tells you what has been done or should be done. He explains it clearly, never speaking down to you, and when he leaves, you understand what he has said — well, as long as you’re not completely out of it at the time.  

My regular urologist was unavailable for the surgery, so his associate, Paul Thur, went in as a pinch hitter and I liked him a lot.  

My nurses at Inspira Medical Center at Woodbury were very caring and amazing.  I improved steadily through the week. Almost a week after surgery, while I was in Physical Therapy, and while we all thought  I was about to ace the therapy, I fainted.

I said, “I’m feeling a little wooz—“ and crumpled to the floor from my walker.  

Occupatinal Therapist Helene McMillan was walking with me. She gently put her arm behind my head and took me to the floor, staying with me every second until she was placing me safely, gently. on the floor, her arm still cradling my head.  My Closest Companion was with me. Since the fainting, I’ve sung Helene’s praises whenever and to whomever I can.  “I’m in love with her,” I have said. “And that’s OK with me,” said my Closest Companion.  

Of course, perhaps anyone else at PT that day could have done the same thing for me. I know they would have.

It turned out at every turn I had care that was over and above and you must know how I appreciate that.  

So now, my job is to recuperate so we can move on to the next phase.  What comes next could be daunting. But with all these great people around me, I know I can handle it.