I need to get this information to you, then maybe stop talking about it for awhile.

Remember, after my surgery on Feb. 15, I was declared cancer-free? Well, a CT-Scan on June 15 shows that is no longer the case. I have new soft-tissue growths that are presumed to be tumors in my chest, where my left kidney (removed in February) used to be, in my pelvis and throughout by abdomen — and on my left kidney, which is probably what has been causing my ever-increasing, excruciating hip pain.

I have already resumed chemotherapy, which has me very tired, full of heartburn and with little or no appetite.

If the chemo doesn’t decrease the pain, my cancer team may attempt using radiation to zap the cancer on my hip; that’s still in the future.

So this is startling news for me, as you may imagine. They tell me this cancer is inoperable. The chemo and radiation, I suppose, is meant to keep it all at bay.

My job is to fight this cancer as seriously as I fought the last cancer. I beat it then. I plan on beating this as much as possible.

Life will go on, one step at a time. I am a happy guy and I intend to life my life to its fullest. I am defiant in my fight again and will remain defiant.

I don’t want to just keep repeating myself and talking about my cancer. If there’s something new, I’ll tell you about it. If not, there’s no need to dwell on it.

Many of you have been with me in my continuing fight and I ask that you stand by me as the fight moves ahead. Your help has been more important to me than you’ll ever know. Please keep it coming.