People keep chiding me for not keeping an up-to-date report on my health.

They rightly claim that, all through my three major surgeries and my chemo sessions, I reported faithfully all that I was going through in my fight against cancer. But now?

Well, what is there to say? I believe I have recovered well from the open-heart surgery in December and the cancer surgery in February.

Yet, I am still in pain from a chronic, mysterious ailment in my left hip. This has existed since well before any of the major ailments that followed. The pain now is much, much worse than the pain was to start with.

We are attempting to pinpoint the cause of all this pain, but haven’t done so yet. We have determined that, whatever the cause, I am NOT in need of a hip replacement. I’m not sure I would have signed off on yet a fourth surgery.

So this leaves me in a peculiar predicament: I am, for all intents and purposes, cured. My heart is in good condition. I am cancer-free. Yet I am left in such pain I don’t want to do anything, am unable to do anything.

This is not the kind of condition I expected to be in, or want to be in. I am tired of the pain.

This, then, is why I am not filing regular reports here or on Facebook. No one wants to read: “Well, another day of excruciating pain” in a status report, do they?

So, for those of you who follow with interest my progress, or lack thereof, I am in pain but attempting to feel better.

Thanks for your continued interest.