WOODBURY — Dewaine Thornton, 55, of Deptford, was sentenced Friday, Nov. 7 to 13 years in a state prison for sexually assaulting a woman whose apartment he broke into in West Deptford on May 18, 1992.

Thornton pleaded guilty on Feb. 21 to the assault, after DNA from the victim’s rape examination kit was determined, in 2012, to be a match to Thornton, authorities said. His DNA had been obtained in connection with his conviction on a narcotics offense, said authorities. Those convicted of crimes in New Jersey must provide a DNA sample.

Thornton also pleaded guilty on Feb. 21 to resisting arrest in Deptford on March 20, 2012, when police were seeking him to get DNA sample, authorities said. He was sentenced to three years on the resisting charge, to run concurrently with the 13 years.

 Thornton will be subject to the reporting requirements of Megan’s Law.