HARRISON TWP. — On Monday, June 1, 2015 at 1:26 PM, the Harrison Township Police Department received notification of a bomb threat at Clearview Regional High School.

School administrators followed their protocols and evacuated all students and faculty. All students and faculty were subsequently dismissed from the evacuation area for the day.

Bomb detecting K-9 units from the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department responded to sweep the building. An extensive search of the building yielded no suspicious items or devices. At approximately 4:25 PM, the school was declared safe and placed on lock down for the overnight hours.

This is the third threat within a two-week period that occurred at the school.

In prior incidents, a short handwritten note was recovered in a classroom. This threat was received by a student in the form of a text message.

Harrison Township Police, in conjunction with Clearview High School Administration, instituted enhanced security measures for staff and student arrival today.

The school remained on lockdown for arrival and the Harrison Township Police, assisted by Gloucester County Sheriff’s Deparment K-9 teams of Sgt. Tony DeCicco and his partner Nomad, S/O Chad Bittle and his partner Jax, S/O Kevin Lauer and his partners Brady and Kane, Rowan Police Sgt. Carrie Rathoff and her partner Tito, Salem County Sheriff Sgt. Rob Hans, and NJSP SFC John Beck, conducted an open air sniff of all personal belongings that entered the building prior to granting permission to enter the school.

Also assisting in the operation were Gloucester County Prosecutors Office Bomb Technicians Sgt. Ron Koller and Invesigator Nick Danze along with the Clearview High School administrative staff.

The Harrison Township Police, along with Clearview staff members, are vigorously investigating all incidents and will prosecute those found to be responsible for these threats.

The incident is being investigated by Investigator Adam McEvoy and Ptl. Chris Cartella. The Gloucester County Prosecutors High Tech Crime unit and the United States Postal Service are assisting in the investigation.

Anyone wishing to provide any information can contact McEvoy at 856 478-6839.