Well, this was a sort of wasted summer. I mean, I’ve only seen one woman in a bikini and that was at the pool, back in the spring, so technically, I’m not sure it counts.

Of course, I don’t see all that many bikinis any more. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to an honest-to-goodness beach, which, let’s face it, is where one finds people wearing bikinis.

I started going to RiverWinds pool when my doctor said I should walk in water for what we thought was arthritis in both hips. I hate water — well, I hate getting wet. But I realized I had to try it, so I joined the fitness center at RiverWinds.

It was something I was doing three times a week, going early in the morning, walking a little, then sitting in the Jacuzzi.

Then I discovered I had some physical problems and would need surgery. Suddenly, the pool wasn’t as important. (But, at least I did get to see that one attractive woman in her bikini.)

So I haven’t been back to the pool there for awhile.

More recently, I have been spending a lot of time sitting at RiverWinds Point, the little park right on the Delaware River. I find the river soothes me, allows me to enjoy a certain amount of serenity and peace. Nothing heavy, just healing for me.

It was almost obsessive, I guess. But then, last week, I was too busy on Monday and Tuesday to get there and, on Wednesday, felt too tired. That’s my major side effect from the chemo — fatigue.

And Wednesday night, I experienced my first bout with nausea since beginning chemotherapy a couple of weeks ago. I felt kind of sick even going into the weekend.

I know there are still plenty of days to enjoy the river at RiverWinds Point and can envision myself sitting there even on cold days (although not during the dead of winter.)

So I hope this week I feel good enough to return to the river. No, no bikinis there for sure, but I still enjoy the gentle lapping of the river waves on the pebbled beach.

And that’s certainly not a waste of summer.