You may recall that I am spending quite a bit of time sitting at RiverWinds Point in West Deptford, a couple of yards from the Delaware River.

I find it serene and beautiful and extremely healing, something that soothes my mind and soul.

Sometimes, someone will come spend some time with me at the river. Martie and Bill visited one Sunday afternoon. My friend, Jen, who lives in Spain, stopped by while she was here in the States and introduced me to her husband, Luis. My old friend, Eileen, surprised me the other day by coming by.

My friend, Thelma, a country singer and picker, wants to bring her acoustic guitar to the river and jam with me. I’m not sure about that — it’s such a quiet place, generally, that I’m not sure even singing and playing of professional caliber wouldn’t be an unwelcome distraction for others who are trying to enjoy the serenity of the lovely RiverWinds Point park.

Anyway, the other day, when Jen was visiting, I snapped a picture of her with my iPhone and posted it on Facebook. Camden Detective Lucas Murray, a former journalism co-worker, suggested I should produce a little talk show, maybe 10 minutes or so, on my iPhone. I suppose I could do it in the form of a video podcast and post in online.

What a funny and fun idea. I’m not sure how it would work, but the notion tickles me. “Watching the River Roll By” with special guests now and then sitting on the iron bench next to me, talking with me just the way they did for the past couple of days.

I’m not sure what we’d talk about. Maybe things like politics or the impending visit of the Pope that might negatively affect traffic for as much as 25 miles into New Jersey or passing ships or TV shows. Who knows what we’d find interesting to discuss?

Maybe such a show would be perfect for Thelma to sing and play a couple of acoustic songs at the river. Maybe other performers would want to come and sing a couple of songs, as well.

It’s a cool idea, I think, even though actually making it happen might be more work than I want to devote to it.

Still, I guess you never know. You, too, could wind up on this unusual talk show.