WEST DEPTFORD TWP.  —More than 11 hours after U.S. Marshals trying to serve a warrant on 24-year-old William Schickel heard what sounded like a gunshot, police discovered his body inside a townhouse on Buckingham Drive.

It was 12:44 a.m. Tuesday when SWAT and other police entered the townhouse in the 1000 block of Buckingham and discovered the body of the White Swan trailer park resident, police said. It appears he died from a self-inflicted gunshot, said police.

It was about 1:20 p.m. Monday when the Marshals, acting on a tip, learned from the residents of the townhouse that Schickel was inside. At that moment, the Marshals heard what appeared to be a gunshot. They withdrew, a perimeter was set up and, eventually, the Gloucester County Special Weapons and Tactics team and police officers from surrounding jurisdictions joined the standoff.

During the afternoon hours, a SWAT team robot and a second from the Camden County Bomb squad failed to pinpoint Schickel's whereabouts in the townhouse, police said.

Police are not yet sure whether the gunshot heard by the Marshals is the shot that ended Schickel's life.